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Ever notice that the names of the planets are embedded in the days of the week?

Each day of the week holds a certain type of planetary energy.

"Saturn Day," "Sun Day," "Moon Day", etc.

For example, Monday is ruled by the Moon. The Moon represents the emotional body. I've always noticed that on Mondays I'm more emotional and moody than on other days of the week. And I know I'm not alone, the "Monday Blues" are all over pop-culture. There are even songs written about the energy of the different days of the week.

The Moon also changes signs every two and a half days, lending a new flow to your week. Keeping in mind the sign of the Moon can help you plan your life out is a cosmically aligned way. Wrap that in with the phase of the Moon as well, and you'll be riding those lunar frequencies with style!

Each week is different with these three ways to plot out the energy of your week with astrology. Use this brilliant guide to help you harness the energy of the planets on each day so that you go with the flow instead of against it...

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I work with courageous seekers who crave heart-centered alignment. I help my students gain insight with astrology and then use hypnosis for integration and healing.

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